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Dr. Christine Cosby-Gaither:

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Beyond the Stroke: A Survivor's Quest for Courage (2024) is a compelling and transformative testimony of unbreakable resilience, determination, and perseverance, not weakened by hardship but molded and sharpened within its furnace. This book illuminates the ongoing healing journey, emphasizing that life after surviving a stroke evolves with each passing day, each decision made, and each challenge overcome. 


Dr. Christine Cosby-Gaither is a post-secondary educator, entrepreneur, stroke survivor, and founder of A Stroke of Grace, a nonprofit organization serving Black stroke survivors and their families. Dr. Cosby-Gaither has built a successful career in business communications, navigating entrepreneurship and supporting students at Simmons College of Kentucky, the nation's 107th HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). 

In 2019, she experienced a life-changing stroke, inspiring the launch of A Stroke of Grace in 2021 to help Black stroke survivors and their families embrace their second chance at life. 

Dr. Cosby-Gaither, a source of hope in both her professional and personal life, is a published author in the anthology Coaching Gurus (2023) with a chapter titled "Strength and Courage." She is married to Langston and is the proud mother of two daughters, MaLay and Zuri. Dr. Cosby-Gaither enjoys spending her leisure time traveling, reading, and immersing herself in music.


Meet Our Authors

In loving memory of Ms. Catrina Hill

Duane Campbell

In Nana's Kitchen: Southern Soulful Recipes from Our Family 

By: Catrina Hill

You've heard of Catrina's Kitchen culinary brand, but have you heard about her cookbook? That's right! Just as Ms. Catrina Hill has added to our spice rack at home-- now you can add another masterpiece to your kitchen-- her first cookbook! Author Catrina Hill's In Nana's Kitchen: Southern Soulful Recipes from Our Family is a warm, family, and food-loving cookbook that will remind you of years past growing up in your own family with memories in the home and stories in the kitchen. 


To learn more, visit Catrina's Kitchen at  

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Duane Campbell

Dr. Curtis L. Nelson III

Dr. Curtis L. Nelson III is the owner, CEO, and Clinical Director of Bluegrass Counseling Associates LLC, and the author of two books, including Failure Matters (2020).

Dr. Curtis L. Nelson III's "Failure Matters," a memoir, is a series of movements involving a visionless youth and his family and struggles in this, "Coming of age rock bottom," period that led to enlightenment. Dr. Nelson reflected on his life story when he said, "I realized that without some real personal character change, I was going to be a failure and not live up to my potential. It was having to get into yet another fight that was symbolic of a greater point that I was not getting ahead. I was in a place of existence that was marred by fighting, both internally and externally. I was a sophomore in high school and lost.

At a minimum, this book is a testament to unconditional hope for oneself, others, and life. At its best, though, this book is a blueprint for achieving something of immeasurably great worth: self-actualization. I hope that a reader's time spent traveling these pages will move you to a place of more wisdom and inspiration.



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Dr. Curtis L. Nelson III  ​ 

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The Way of the Sun

By: Ian Williams

Illustrator: Tramel Fain

The Way of the Sun is a beautifully written children's book about Junior who learns valuable lessons throughout the day from the rising sun. Learn more about and support this upcoming book written by author Ian Williams and illustrated by Tramel Fain by visiting:

Poetic Love Letters to God 

By: La'Kita Stephens 

An intimate relationship with God is the most important journey one can embark on. La'Kita Stephens is the author of Poetic Love Letters to God, a collection of lyrical love letters written throughout her life in reverence in glorifying God through personal poems. This book is composed of encouraging testimonies in poetic form of how great God's love is and how we can glorify God and give love back in return. 

Learn more by contacting La'Kita Stephens at 



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Dr. Angel Barber Jackson

Dr. Angel Barber Jackson was born in Fort Riley, Kansas, and raised in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in a home of Christian principles. At nineteen, she was called into ministry and pursued God’s purpose for her life. As a licensed and ordained minister, Dr. Angel Jackson has preached at various churches since accepting her calling. She has served as an educator for over 11 years, including a classroom teacher and Assistant Principal for Jefferson County Public Schools. As an educator, Dr. Jackson prides herself on supporting and advocating for students, teachers, staff, parents, and all stakeholders in doing what’s best for students.


Dr. Jackson is the author of two books, "The Power of Change: Understanding Your Resilience in the Midst of Growth" (2019) and "The Gratitude Awakening Practice: A Daily Practice to Discovering Your Greatness" (2021). She is also the co-founder of The Healing Tent, The Healing Tent Podcast which can be found on Apple Podcast and Spotify, and the Incredible Momentum Cohort. Dr. Jackson believes “in the power of change and the power of growth. In order to do so you must be willing to search within yourself and ask yourself, how can I become the leader that I would want to follow? If you are not willing to try something new, embrace something new, and understand the ability of new, then you are not ready for true change. I believe leadership is something that does not occur overnight, it is something that occurs daily, and should be evaluated in order to truly change any system. In order to do so, building positive relationships is essential to change!”


Dr. Jackson lives in Southern Indiana with her husband, Brandon, and their two children, Emerald and Braxton.


To place a book order, contact:

Dr. Angel Barber Jackson ​ 

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