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Dr. Tytianna N.M. Wells uses a strengths-based and student-led approach to offer a series of quality and comprehensive educational and multicultural literacy enrichment programs that are available to schools (private, public, and Title 1), businesses, community centers, daycares, churches, and residential treatment/ hospital care centers throughout the year. The curricula correspond with National Core Content Standards in English & Language Arts, Social Studies, and Arts & Humanities for K-12th grade students.



Young Author's Program (Creative Writing and Publishing Program)

  • Wheatley Wildcat Leaders by Students at Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School (2015)

  • Thrilling Tales by Students at Sacred Heart Model School (2018)

  • G.L.O.W. (Girls League of the West) (June 2019) 

  • The Day the World Changed through the Eyes of a Fifth Grader by Students at Kennedy Montessori Elementary School

  • The Reading Rockets: A Collection of African American Stories, Poems & Art by Students at St. George's Scholars Institute  


Creativity & Literary Arts Programs


Honey Tree House Reading Program (K-12th Grade)

The reading program introduces participants to the 4-volume book series, Sweet Pea & Sugar Tea’s Country Family Adventures: A Collection of African-American Poems (Volumes 1-4) and selected multicultural books to promote reading and writing. Readers will be inspired by the characters themselves to invest in their innermost hopes and dreams to make a positive difference in the world. 


Authentic & Transparent Creative Writing Program 

The creative-writing program allows participants to develop and workshop personal poetry, short stories, memoirs, and songs/raps. Participants will enjoy reflective journaling, explore the fundamentals of stylistic writing, to develop strategies to persist through writing obstacles, cultivate writing skills and techniques, and learn how to self-publish a manuscript.


The Healing Tree House Program

The creative-writing program is designed for participants who are survivors of trauma to engage in authentic and transparent storytelling and writing sessions about their personal experiences to confront their pasts, break the cycle of generational violence, and transform their lives.


Empowerment & Leadership Girls Program

The girls program uses creative writing as a platform to teach lessons on identity, confidence, culture, health and wellness, history, college and career readiness, and leadership. Participants complete a poetry chapbook as their final project.


My Roots: Identity & Place Cultural Enrichment Program

The enrichment program explores the historic and contemporary development and rich cultural experiences of African-American people from Precolonial Africa to the current-day Civil Rights Era. Participants will engage in reflective, creative writing exercises on topics that focus on identity and place to develop a strong sense of awareness and meaning from their lives, and make a positive contribution to their communities and world.


Professional Development (PD) Educational Presentations

This 1-3 hour interactive workshop-style seminar is facilitated by an in-house Educator on research-informed topics that include but are not limited to: Multicultural / Culturally-Conscious Literature, Building a Community of Readers, Developing an Arts and Social Action Curriculum, Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching in the Classroom, Critical Literacy, Hip Hop Culture in the Classroom, and How to Write and Publish a Book. Sessions are designed for and available to students, parents, teachers, and administrators. 


Motivational Speaker Presentation

This inspirational presentation accommodates the unique needs of the host organization. Sessions include a focus on Empowerment, Leadership, and/or Entrepreneurship.


Our  Traveling Tutoring Program


Our Traveling Tutoring Program serves K-12th grade and college-age students. This program help youth, young adults and adults excell academically and culturally inside and outside the classroom. We specialize in the following core subjects:



Language Arts/ Reading


Social Studies


An Educator will travel to your learning space to help a student or group of students further develop their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. We assist students with homework, projects, presentations, ACT/SAT testing and more. Our tutoring services are one-on-one sessions that typically range from 1-2 hours. We can customize a session to fit the needs of the student. If you are interested in learning more about our tutoring program, please send us an inquiry.

Rate Per Hour: $35