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Honey Tree Academy, an affiliate of Honey Tree Publishing, is a traveling educational experience that offers research-informed and curriculum-based programs, educator and family workshops, writing and publishing consultations, and tutoring services to academic and community centers nationally and internationally. 

As the Founding Executive Director of Honey Tree Academy LLC, Dr. Tytianna Ringstaff offers quality educational programs to schools and community centers nationally and internationally. Our curricula correspond with National Core Content Standards in English & Language Arts, Social Studies, and Arts & Humanities for K-12th grade students. We also offer programs for college-level/adults in intergenerational community settings. 

Dr. Ringstaff teaches African American History, Culturally Responsive Children's Books, the history and evolution of Black education in the U.S., African American Literature, Exploring the Black Family: Genealogy, Creative Writing, and Book publishing classes.


To learn more, scroll down for a list of our traveling programs offered through Honey Tree Academy!

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Young Author's Program (Creative Writing, Book Publishing Program, Magazine Creation)

  • Wheatley Wildcat Leaders by Students at Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School (2015)

  • Thrilling Tales by Students at Sacred Heart Model School (2018)

  • The Day the World Changed through the Eyes of a Fifth Grader by Students at Kennedy Montessori Elementary School (2021)

  • The Reading Rockets: A Collection of African American Stories, Poems & Art by Students at St. George's Scholars Institute (2021) 

  • Kids These Days presents KTD Magazine by Students at Byck Elementary School, funded through Global Game Changers (2022)

  • Be Cool at School and the Pool by Students at Byck Elementary School, funded through Global Game Changers (2022)


Be Cool at School and the Pool,
a children's book

By: Students at Byck Elementary School  
Funded by: Global Game Changers
Kids These Days  

By: Students at Byck Elementary School  
Funded by: Global Game Changers
Check back in mid-September 2022 for photos of this fun and educational magazine!

Honey Tree Academy Programs

*Click on the Intake Form provided for a complete list of our programs and rates, and to book a program!

Honey Tree House Reading Program (Elementary, Middle & High School)

Honey Tree House, an interactive reading program, allows participants to meet Dr. Tytianna Ringstaff, an African American author, illustrator, publisher, and educator, and engage with the children's book series Sweet Pea & Sugar Tea’s Country Family Adventures: A Collection of African-American Poems (Volumes 1-4). The goal of this program is to promote an enjoyment of life-long reading and writing. Participants will learn from the storybook characters the value of their inspirational stories, passion, and leadership to make a positive difference in their life and the life of others. Participants complete a creative arts-based activity allowing them to express themselves through creative writing during an Open Mic experience that concludes the program.


The Healing Tree Program (Elementary, Middle & High School, and Adults)

The Healing Tree House, a creative-writing program, allows participants to engage in memoir and autobiographical storytelling and writing activities to explore past trauma and begin a journey of forgiveness and healing. Our Creative Writing program allows participants to develop and workshop personal poetry, short stories, memoirs, playwriting/ scriptwriting, songwriting, and rap lyrics. Participants engage in creative writing exercises to explore the fundamentals of stylistic writing, cultivate writing skills and techniques, develop strategies to persist through writing for the completion of a project, and complete a rough draft of a creative writing piece to potentially publish. 


Urban Love Story: Live Book Reading Program (Middle & High School, and Adult)​​

This program allows participants to experience the live book reading and performance of When Hip Hop Met Poetry: An Urban Love Story. This cautionary tale and true story details the urban love story of Rashad and Jenesis,’ a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story with a different outcome. During this program, participants engage in critical conversations about healthy relationships, body image, self-esteem, passion, purpose, and life choices. At the end of the program, the school or community center site will receive two copies of the book. This book program can vary in length. However, eight 1-hour sessions can complete the book reading.

Honey Tree Book Writing and Publishing Program (Intergenerational) 

During this program, participants write and workshop poetry, short stories, memoirs, and songs/raps to publish in a book of writings. Participants will engage in reflective journaling, explore the fundamentals of stylistic writing, develop strategies to persist through writing obstacles, cultivate writing skills and techniques, and learn how to self-publish a manuscript. This program, comprised of interactive book readings, performances, and creative writing exercises, is financially beneficial to the school/ organization as they receive 100 percent of the book royalties.


Reclaiming My Roots: Genealogy Program (Intergenerational)

This cultural enrichment program explores the historical and contemporary Black experience from the antebellum era to the present day. Participants engage in writing exercises focused on cultural identity, belonging, and place. Participants also learn Family Genealogy 101 to trace their African heritage and learn more about their family history. 


Motivational Speaker (Intergenerational)

Dr. Tytianna Ringstaff shares her life story and journey through a spoken word performance, live book reading, and transparent conversation about overcoming adversity. This experience will empower participants to explore their passion, cultivate their leadership qualities, strive to be the best version of themselves, and employ their purpose in life to make a positive change in the world. Participants engage in an interactive discussion on personal life stories, identity, confidence, cultural history, health and wellness, college and career readiness, and professional leadership development. 


Workshops (Educators and Families)

Our research-informed workshops for educators and families focus on African American History, the history and evolution of Black education in the United States, strategies to teach participants using culturally responsive books for critical conversations, and African American Literature. Workshops are one to 1.5 hours and open to the public. To register for a workshop during the 2022-2023 school year, please send an inquiry.


Tutoring Services (Intergenerational)

Our tutoring services assist participants in Kindergarten through 12th grade and adults with academic-based and professional projects, including writing assignments and presentations. Our tutoring services are one-on-one and individualized for one hour. Our tutoring services are customized to fit the participants learning needs and objectives focused on the below options.


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